What is the Network Edge? Network Perimeter Network Edge Devices

Edges can be directed, meaning they point from one node to the next, as illustrated by the arrows in the first figure below. Edges can also be undirected, in which case they are bidirectional, as illustrated by the lines in the second figure, below. That’s a lot of work and would require a considerable amount […]

What is an API? A Beginner’s Guide to APIs

These API calls carefully follow defined parameters to fetch and send data. This means that a change in one system results in a change in another. With an API, for example, a company database can be made available to other internal systems, instead of being isolated to one team. From entering your information when purchasing […]

Onion Architecture In ASP NET Core With CQRS Detailed

I am leaning towards the API template as I usually use SPA’s. This project can save well over200+ hoursof development time for your team. I am planning to build a fully-fledged Clean Architecture Solution Template, which you guys can just download and start using for your new projects in no time. But I guess there […]