How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

Content Questions about treatment options? Everything You Need to Open Your Sober Living Home in Massachusetts Everything you need to know to open a sober living home Since sober living typically follows addiction treatment, getting a referral from the treatment provider is recommended. Other referral sources may include the criminal justice system, a mental health […]

How Cognitive Distortions Cause Alcohol Addiction and Sabotage Recovery

Content Support Network a focus on gratitude for what is going well in my life and for those around me All or Nothing Thinking Common Thinking Errors Mental Health Treatment Work with our therapists and counselors to learn the best ways to make a change and start tuning out these unhealthy thinking patterns. Most of […]

Pennsylvania’s Leading Alcohol & Drug Rehabs

Content Banyan provides the highest quality care in the industry. Treating Alcoholism Services provided at the Walter B. Jones Center Inpatient Alcohol Detox Recovery Advocacy What Is the Cost Difference Between State Rehab and Private Rehabilitation? You are unable to access There’s a method to the madness, so to speak, because your discussions will help […]

Alcohol Use Disorder: What It Is, Risks & Treatment

Content How Much Alcohol Makes You Gain Weight? How to Stop Drinking: Making a Plan That Works for You How to Start Drinking Less Prepare for potential alcohol detox However, there are methods to help reduce or relieve the symptoms. This can include maintaining hydration, eating nutritious food, and getting plenty of rest. It sedates […]

The 5 Stages of Meth Recovery Ways to Avoid Meth Relapse

Content Our Facility Helping People Recover From Methamphetamine What Does It Look Like to Be Off Meth After One Year? Going to Rehab for Meth Addiction Here are the three main stages of the methamphetamine withdrawal timeline. Are you finally considering quitting your meth addiction and wondering how long the drug stays in your system? First, congratulations […]